Complete Review Of Popular Weighted Vests

Weighted vests are used as exercise clothing to increase your body weight to perform body exercises like walking, running, etc. It helps to increase the intensity of your activity. Exercise would be simple when done without the weighted vests. There are several models of weighted vests available in the market. To choose the best one based on your need, it is necessary to be aware of the reviews of different models of weighted vests. You can get to know about the latest weighted vests models from the site Train Hard Get Fit. The link speaks about the many benefits of doing exercise every day to stay fit. Weighted vests are used as a supplementary tool for athletes. The article below lists the popular weighted vests and explains its important features.

CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vests
The company CAP Barbell offers eight weight options of weighted vests clothing. They manufacture top quality weighted vests. It is an adjustable weighted vest, i.e., you can adjust the weight option in the increment of 2.5 pounds. This makes the weighted vest more popular among people. The quality of the weighted vests offered by CAP Barbell is exceptional. It uses sandbags for the weight, which can be easily removed.

Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Weighted Vest
The vests manufactured by hyperware are expensive, and this is due to the thin profile of the weighted vests offered by the company. Thin weighted vests help in the mobility of the sports people during intense workouts. This model of weighted vests comes in various sizes, and it is possible to boost the weight based on your need. This weighted vest is mostly used as it the material is washable and odor resistant.

Cross101 Weighted Vest
This weighted vest manufactured by Cross101 is of the camouflage style. It is less expensive compared to other weighted vests. The weight of the vests is mainly from placing the iron ore inside it. Removing the weight based on your need is possible. It comes with an adjustable belt so that it can offer a perfect fit. This vest is ideal for body weight exercises and agility training. It is better to avoid the Cross101 weighted vest for jogging and running as the weight move up and down when you take up speed.

V-force Weighted Vest
It is a military grade weighted vest, and it is very expensive. The weight falls on the shoulders, and hence you can use it as a backpack. It comes in various colors. This type of vest is ideal for hiking and running. The weights offered are durable, and they do not get damaged easily.

Other Options
There are plenty of other weighted vests options available in the market. They are
Titin Force weighted shirt system
Titin Force weighted shorts system
Tone Fitness weighted vest
Empower women weighted vest
MiR adjustable weighted vest

The weighted vests are multipurpose workout tool. It is not that only a professional athlete should make use of weighted athletes. Everyone who wishes to perform intense workouts can make use of the above types of weighted vests. Choose a weighted vest based on your need and preference.
The article above would be useful to know about the features of popular weighted vests in the market.

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